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kecak dance

Kecak Dance

laterally kechak meana chours of fantastic sound of cak...cak...cak...this dance is performed by 120 people. they sit in 6 or 7 concentric circle. in the middle of then stand a branch torch with flirckering ligfohts. the story has been choosen from ramayana ecip.rama is a legal hair of ayodya , but he was exciled from the realm of his father dasa rata.
rama goes to the forest of dandaka to wonder from one forest to another forest, he is accompanied by his wafe, dewi sinta and his faitful younger brother laksamana. rahwana the king of alengka is desiring to kidnap dewi sinta in the forest he asks his minister marica to transform himself into a dear with a golden horn. by this trick, rahwana succed to kidnap dewi sinta and bring her to alengka, rahwana is ancountered by a nighty bird , jatayu (rama's fellow).
jatayu tries to release sinta from rahwana's hand. meanwhile rama and laksamana continue their journey to search dewi sinta. he meets anoman. the wihite monkey. anoman with his monkey's soldiers then support king rama to get back his wife dewi sinta from alengka.

about sangeh

Pura bukit sari sangeh

in the sangeh monkey forest a protected grove of nutmeg trees where tribes of monkeys dwell as honoured guests, can be found a spacious temple known as pura bukit sari sangeh . this temple was originally built by the royal family of mengwi, and is now taken care of by teh people from teh village of sangeh.
according to the history bukit sari was built by anak agung anglurah made karangasem sakti, the edopted son of raja mengwi, cokorde sakti blambangan . mengwi was once one of bali's major kingdoms nearby to sangeh only 18 km from denpasar.
at the beginning of xvII th century the royal family of mengwi ruled over the area from blambangan to east java.
anak agung anglurah made karang asem sakti had from his ehild hood practise " tapa rere" a kind of meditation where in one returns to the state of childhood. thun he obtained the inspiration to build in the nutmeg forest at sangeh.
to this day the bukit sari temple remains as a testament to the duty and reapect that the royal family of mengwi pay to the god mount agung

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about ubud


Ubut is a small village , about 27 kms from denpasar. Ubud is the favorite place for visitor to enjoy a lenghty stay in bali , and a peaceful cluster of village . there are several comfortable hotels or accomodations and restaurant . every three days ubud has lovely market . women come from the nearly mountaint village to sell their wares . beside of that ubud wellknown as center of painters . the second name of ubud is foreigner village because and they married with balinese . the dutch artis with his greatfriend from bali (agung sukawati) was built the museum which opening 1952 . in 1936 walter spies combined gether to from the art soceity it's name "pita maha".
on 1936 the members of pita maha at the world exhibition got silver medals. the member of pita maha display their painting at the museum. after that ubud wellknown all over the world as center of painting. there are many home industry, or public exhibition at ubud.
so ubud got influence from westerner artis. now we find there are many motive of painting.

about tanah lot


In the days of the east javanese kingdong of majapahit, there was a famous saint called dang hyang dwi jendra . he was highly respected by all for his service to the kingdom and it's people in matters concerning their prosperity,spiritual well being and overcoming the problems of life . he was know for his dedication to " drama yatra or the spreding of hindu religion. in lombok they called him the "tuan semeru" or the master from semeru, a mountain in east java . during his mission in bali in the 15th century the ruler in bali, raja dalem waturenggong, welcomed him treated him with high respect his teaching of drama (duty) and arected many temples in or der to ra ise the spiritual consciousness and deepen the religious doctrinne of hindusm amongst the people. it is said that in his old age

About Bali


BALI is a small island,about 5632 kms square. BALI is one of 27 provencies region of the republic of indonesia . Each provincies has a governor . so BALI is ruled by governor and governor of bali resides in denpasar. Denpasar is the capital of BALI. Denpasar is the start from 07.00 o'clock until 09.00 o'clock the traffic is very busy townsy because the student and the officer beginning go to school and to the office. Accoding census 1970 the population in denpasar about 400.000 peoples(diganti ama yg sekarang tahun 2008). so now more than 800.000 peoples.
BALI is deviden into eigth regencies and consist 54 kecamatan (sub didtric under camat, there are perbekel(commend village), about 564 perbekel. and futher deviden into 3397 banjar(village ward), administrated by kelian (head of village). Each banjar have 80-100 members. the population in bali about two and half millions.
Majoritas are hindu about 85%. hindu is the name of the religion. 15% are muslim,kristan,budha.

information about indonesia

The indonesia archipelago

Indonesia consist of thousands of ranges from sabang in the west until meraoke in the lies between two continents asia and australia,between two acean:pasific and hindia.
Indonesia as united antity can't be devidend although it consists of various tribes,language,castumes,and different cultures.the axistense of the differences are part of elements of indonesia . indonesia has a moto " bhineka tunggal ika" it means unity in diversity.
Indonesia lies under the equatorial line with the tropical climate,fertile land with the rich natural resources, beautiful panorama and agreat number of population.
The indonesia is influenced by two monsoons. the wind blows from australia continent to asia through indonesia. it happens because the sun is in the northern.
The air maximum pressure is in australia ,the air minimum pressure is in asia. indonesia get the dry season,continoustil four months. when the sun is in the southern asia gets the air maximum pressure, it carries a lot of stem because it pas by the wide ocean so indonesia get the rainy season.

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