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Pura bukit sari sangeh

in the sangeh monkey forest a protected grove of nutmeg trees where tribes of monkeys dwell as honoured guests, can be found a spacious temple known as pura bukit sari sangeh . this temple was originally built by the royal family of mengwi, and is now taken care of by teh people from teh village of sangeh.
according to the history bukit sari was built by anak agung anglurah made karangasem sakti, the edopted son of raja mengwi, cokorde sakti blambangan . mengwi was once one of bali's major kingdoms nearby to sangeh only 18 km from denpasar.
at the beginning of xvII th century the royal family of mengwi ruled over the area from blambangan to east java.
anak agung anglurah made karang asem sakti had from his ehild hood practise " tapa rere" a kind of meditation where in one returns to the state of childhood. thun he obtained the inspiration to build in the nutmeg forest at sangeh.
to this day the bukit sari temple remains as a testament to the duty and reapect that the royal family of mengwi pay to the god mount agung

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