Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

about ubud


Ubut is a small village , about 27 kms from denpasar. Ubud is the favorite place for visitor to enjoy a lenghty stay in bali , and a peaceful cluster of village . there are several comfortable hotels or accomodations and restaurant . every three days ubud has lovely market . women come from the nearly mountaint village to sell their wares . beside of that ubud wellknown as center of painters . the second name of ubud is foreigner village because and they married with balinese . the dutch artis with his greatfriend from bali (agung sukawati) was built the museum which opening 1952 . in 1936 walter spies combined gether to from the art soceity it's name "pita maha".
on 1936 the members of pita maha at the world exhibition got silver medals. the member of pita maha display their painting at the museum. after that ubud wellknown all over the world as center of painting. there are many home industry, or public exhibition at ubud.
so ubud got influence from westerner artis. now we find there are many motive of painting.

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