Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

about tanah lot


In the days of the east javanese kingdong of majapahit, there was a famous saint called dang hyang dwi jendra . he was highly respected by all for his service to the kingdom and it's people in matters concerning their prosperity,spiritual well being and overcoming the problems of life . he was know for his dedication to " drama yatra or the spreding of hindu religion. in lombok they called him the "tuan semeru" or the master from semeru, a mountain in east java . during his mission in bali in the 15th century the ruler in bali, raja dalem waturenggong, welcomed him treated him with high respect his teaching of drama (duty) and arected many temples in or der to ra ise the spiritual consciousness and deepen the religious doctrinne of hindusm amongst the people. it is said that in his old age

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