Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

About Bali


BALI is a small island,about 5632 kms square. BALI is one of 27 provencies region of the republic of indonesia . Each provincies has a governor . so BALI is ruled by governor and governor of bali resides in denpasar. Denpasar is the capital of BALI. Denpasar is the start from 07.00 o'clock until 09.00 o'clock the traffic is very busy townsy because the student and the officer beginning go to school and to the office. Accoding census 1970 the population in denpasar about 400.000 peoples(diganti ama yg sekarang tahun 2008). so now more than 800.000 peoples.
BALI is deviden into eigth regencies and consist 54 kecamatan (sub didtric under camat, there are perbekel(commend village), about 564 perbekel. and futher deviden into 3397 banjar(village ward), administrated by kelian (head of village). Each banjar have 80-100 members. the population in bali about two and half millions.
Majoritas are hindu about 85%. hindu is the name of the religion. 15% are muslim,kristan,budha.

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