Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

kecak dance

Kecak Dance

laterally kechak meana chours of fantastic sound of cak...cak...cak...this dance is performed by 120 people. they sit in 6 or 7 concentric circle. in the middle of then stand a branch torch with flirckering ligfohts. the story has been choosen from ramayana ecip.rama is a legal hair of ayodya , but he was exciled from the realm of his father dasa rata.
rama goes to the forest of dandaka to wonder from one forest to another forest, he is accompanied by his wafe, dewi sinta and his faitful younger brother laksamana. rahwana the king of alengka is desiring to kidnap dewi sinta in the forest he asks his minister marica to transform himself into a dear with a golden horn. by this trick, rahwana succed to kidnap dewi sinta and bring her to alengka, rahwana is ancountered by a nighty bird , jatayu (rama's fellow).
jatayu tries to release sinta from rahwana's hand. meanwhile rama and laksamana continue their journey to search dewi sinta. he meets anoman. the wihite monkey. anoman with his monkey's soldiers then support king rama to get back his wife dewi sinta from alengka.

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